God’s Faithfulness & Our Response

2 Timothy 2:13 gives us the wonderful assurance as believers that God is absolutely faithful to us, even when we are unfaithful to Him. What a precious thought! Faithfulness is a “fruit” of the Holy Spirit and therefore, within our spirits, we already possess this fruit of the Spirit, because we are indwelt by Him. The challenge is drawing on the resources He has placed within us and learning to exhibit His faithfulness – both to Him and to those around us. If we are faithful to God, we will automatically be faithful to others.

We invite you to join us for a time of worship followed by a message brought to you by Rev. Angel Roldán on Sunday 20th September 2020.

Preacher:Rev. Angel Roldán
Date:20 September 2020
Themes faith faithfulness fruits of the Spirit godly living humility